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Evolve optimizes your security budget through flexible subscriptions with no lock in contracts, and usage-based billing that enables you to scale your security capabilities based on your business priorities as they change throughout the year.

Optimal Security Capability Investment

Evolve Accounts gain immediate access to the Evolve Marketplace where you can import a range of on-demand specialist security capabilities into your account, as you need them. These include:

  • Automated Penetration Testing
  • Automated Compromised Account Monitoring
  • Automated Incident Response
  • Orchestrated Security Infrastructure
  • Automated Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Security Automation Utilities

Each of these security capabilities is available with separate monthly subscriptions with no lock in contracts.

You now have the flexibility to acquire on-demand specialist security capabilities on a monthly basis to map to your immediate business needs.

Use Case: Flexible Security Capability Investment

Let’s say that you need to perform penetration testing this month. You can now simply import the Automated Penetration Testing capability into your Evolve Account allowing you to automatically to identify and verify your most critical cyber risks.

When you no longer have an immediate need for this security capability, then simply delete the capability from your account. This allows you to optimize your security budget by only paying for security capabilities when you need them.

Now let’s say that you suffer a security breach. You will experience an urgent need to use unallocated funds from your security budget.

Evolve provides you with immediate access to import on-demand Automated Incident Response capabilities into your Evolve Account to help get your business back in control as soon as possible.

Once your business is up and running again, you may no longer have an immediate need for this security capability. Again, simply delete the security capability from your Evolve Account allowing you to maximize and focus your security budget.

At this point, you may then need to recoup or reallocate your security budget due to the unexpected spending during the security breach. With Evolve, this is easy and can be achieved in multiple ways.

  • Evolve allows you to remove unnecessary or non-critical security capabilites to reduce monthly spending
  • You can reduce the frequency of your subscriptions, from say every month to every quarter
  • You can also reduce your usage-based billing costs by streamlining your security automation configurations

Evolve allows you to refocus your security budgets within the context of your immediate business needs through flexible on-demand security capabilities that keep your business safe.

Usage-Based Billing Optimization

When you subscribe to an Evolve Marketplace item, this specialist security capability is added to your Evolve account. You can now use this security capability as often or as rarely as you would like.

Every time a security capability is launched, Evolve will automatically orchestrate and scale your Evolve Cloud environment in order to carry out your security automation workflow.

Evolve provides flexible usage-based billing so that you can launch your security automation capabilities as frequently as your business needs.

  • Smaller businesses can orchestrate smaller security automation environments to streamline security budgets.
  • Larger organizations may wish to orchestrate larger security automation environments that can manage the security across a larger number of corporate systems.

Evolve offers a wide range of techniques to minimize your usage-based billing costs and maximize your security budgets.

Usage-Based Billing Optimization – Security Zones

Evolve Security Zones are the compute and storage dedicated to running your security automation capabilities. Evolve Security Zones can be configured as “Scalable”. Not only does this mean that Evolve Security Zones will scale up on-demand as you need them, but they will automatically scale down to nothing when you aren’t using them.

This immediately reduces your corresponding usage-based bills dramatically, allowing your security budgets to be dedicated to other security capabilities.

Usage-Based Billing Optimization – Workflows and Modules

Evolve Workflows and Modules support “Frequencies” for how often each security capability will be launched. By reducing your Evolve Workflow or Module frequencies, from daily to monthly, your corresponding usage-based bills could be reduced to as low as 3%.

This has the added benefit of no longer needing to scale up your Security Zones as often, leading to further security budget optimizations.

Usage-Based Billing Optimization – Agents

Evolve Agents provide you with remote security automation and orchestration capabilities. This is achieved through the Agents polling the Evolve API. The API polling usage-bills can be reduced by simply decreasing the Agent Polling Frequency, from every minute to every hour, reducing your corresponding usage-bills to as low as 1.5%.

Usage-Based Billing Optimization – VPN and NAT Gateways

Evolve VPN and NAT Gateways allow you to specify their capacity or size. By selecting a smaller gateway size, your corresponding usage-based bills can easily be reduced down to as low as 12%.

Evolve provides flexible options to customize your security automation environment to maximize your usage-based bills so that you can focus your security budget on increasing your specialist security capabilities to keep your business safe.



Evolve Security Automation workflows are available in the Evolve Marketplace. Simply import the workflows you need into your Evolve Account with flexible monthly subscriptions to maximize your security budgets MORE


Our Getting Started Guide will step you through registering an Evolve Account and launching your first Security Automation workflow. Enhance your specialist security capabilities now MORE



Security Automation provides a modern approach to security that enables the automated prioritization of risks, orchestrated and integrated security infrastructure, and automated detection and response to security breaches.

Evolve Security Automation maximizes your security budgets and streamlines your security operations enabling you to more effectively detect and dissolve real threats and risks facing your organization.

This is achieved through the orchestration and delivery of cost-effective, scalable automated security modules and workflows designed to streamline your security operations and maximize your security capabilities and budgets.

Maximize Security Budgets

Automating your security operations allows you to maximize your security budgets to achieve faster security assurance with on-demand pay-as-you-go flexible pricing models. This allows you to dramatically reduce your capital expenditures and shift costs into a flexible operational expenditure model, which allows your security budgets to be reallocated as required to ensure the maximum return on your security investments.

Enhance Your Security Skills and Capabilities

With the lack of security expertise in the market, Security Automation allows your organization to immediately enhance your deep security expertise by gaining on-demand access to specialist security capabilities through security automation modules and workflows.

Protect Your Security Investment

You can now protect your security investment by implementing your security capabilities into security automation workflows. This ensures that your specialist security skills and streamlined operations remain within your organization long after your security team members leave, which also helps to maximize your security budgets. 



Security is the number one priority within Evolve. Global enterprise-grade security has been natively integrated within Evolve.

Evolve Security Zones

Every Evolve account is provided with its own dedicated isolated environment. Evolve users can then launch “Evolve Security Zones” that provide not only a second layer of isolation, but also transparently provides scalable and encrypted compute and storage used to execute your security automation workflows.

Each security automation workflow can be launched in separate security zones according to the corresponding data or operational risks and your security automation workflow requirements.

Evolve Global Certificate Authority

Evolve ensures that all data in transit and all data at rest is encrypted to ensure the highest level of data security. Evolve boasts its own Global Certificate Authority with a “4-Tier Certificate Authority Hierarchy” for the maximum level of trust. This helps to ensure that even exposed keys cannot be abused to gain access to encrypted traffic across the platform, preventing any attempt to perform eavesdropping on encrypted connections between Evolve Security Zones and your internal networks.

Evolve Global Infrastructure

“Evolve Regions” provide users with the ability to isolate their security automation workflows and data to preferred geographical regions to enforce data sovereignty. Combined with the Evolve Global Certificate Authority and multiple layers of encryption and isolation, you can rest assure that your data is safe.

Evolve is delivered via our globally distributed infrastructure spread across the USA, Europe and Australasia. These global regions provide Evolve users with geographic control over where your data workloads are located to ensure data sovereignty for your data and high-availability security automation compute capabilities.

Evolve Federated Authentication

Evolve Federated Authentication options are available that enable integration with third-party authentication integrations, such as Microsoft, Google and AWS Accounts, allowing Evolve users to leverage the corresponding security controls, such as multi-factor authentication and suspicious account activity detection, to ensure that your Evolve account remains safe. 



The UN estimated that up to two trillion dollars in cyber-crime revenue is being laundered annually, which means that cyber-criminals are more financially motivated than ever and can easily acquire the skills and resources required to launch sophisticated attack campaigns against our organizations.

When comparing this to our organization’s IT security teams who have limited budgets, skills and resources to fight off a $2 Trillion threat, traditional ways of running security operations are simply no longer effective enough.

The only way to keep our organizations safe moving forward, is to automate your security to maximize your budgets, enhance your skills and capabilities, whilst streamlining your security operations to ensure that you stay ahead of threats and respond as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Evolve is the world’s first dedicated “Security Automation Cloud”. This specialist security cloud platform enables you to orchestrate and deliver on-demand, cost-effective, scalable automated security solutions that maximize security budgets, optimize security resources, enhance security skills and capabilities, and streamline your security operations.

The Evolve Marketplace offers over 350 specialist security automation workflows spanning areas including Automated Penetration Testing, Automated Incident Response, Compromised Account Monitoring, Orchestrated Security Infrastructure, and automatically integrated Cyber Threat Intelligence data.

Not only does Evolve enables security automation workflows to run within the Evolve Cloud, Evolve can also extend all of the security automation and orchestration capabilities through to your internal corporate networks, your dedicated data center environments, as well as third-party cloud provider environments, including AWS and Azure.

Within minutes, Evolve enables your organization to start performing:

  • Automated reconnaissance to monitor compromised accounts and external exposures,
  • Launch automated penetration tests against your on-premise and cloud infrastructure to identify and automatically prioritize vulnerabilities verified via automated exploitation,
  • Orchestrate the integration of application security testing into your DevOps pipeline, 
  • Orchestrate intelligence-integrated DNS sinkhole security infrastructure and scalable syslog collectors, or 
  • Deploy automated incident response capabilities to performed automated evidence collection, analysis and response.
  • Registering for an Evolve account is free with a flexible pay-as-you-go cloud model allowing a combination of subscriptions to Evolve services and usage-based billing to allow you to scale the various aspects of your security operations up or down to map to your security budgets and changing business requirements.

Evolve enables you to modernize your approach to security and integrate it with your DevOps and Agile approaches. 


A vast amount of freely available training can be accessed via the “Getting Started” solution series to help step you through setting up and launching your Evolve solution workflows.

These are supported by in-depth technical documentation to ensure that you can leverage pre-built specialist security automation capabilities or build your own custom security automation modules and workflows.

The “Evolve Partner Network” allows you to connect to the best combination of Evolve Security Automation partners, each offering their own capabilities including Evolve Security Automation Services, including security automation consulting, architecture and design services, implementation, managed services, monitoring and support.



Congratulations for deciding to mature and streamline your security capabilities and maximize your security budgets. Your first step is to simply register for an Evolve Account using the Register button on the Evolve website.


Now that you have an Evolve Account, login using the Sign-In button on the Evolve website. This will take you to the Evolve welcome screen.   


Evolve subscriptions and usage-based bills are charged via credit card.

  • Setup your payment method via the Billing feature located under your Profile Menu towards the top right-hand corner of your Evolve Account.
  • Select the “Add Payment Method” button that will load the Evolve Secure Payment Gateway page where you can add your credit card details.
  • As part of our fraud-prevention controls, your credit card will be charged a nominal amount that you need to enter to verify your credit card before it can be used for payments.

Your Evolve Account is now setup and you are ready to mature your security.


Evolve is a specialist security automation cloud, which means that it has globally distributed infrastructure enabling geographic security controls allowing you to keep your data and processing within the geographical regions aligned to your business needs.

  • Select your Evolve Region in the top right-hand corner of your Evolve Account.

Any actions you take will occur within your selected Evolve Region.  


The Evolve Security Automation workflows are available in the Evolve Marketplace. Simply import the workflows into your Evolve Account with the following steps.

  • To get to the Evolve Marketplace, navigate to the Marketplace side-menu.
  • Whilst in the Evolve Marketplace, locate the Evolve workflows that interest you by either selecting the corresponding category, such as “Penetration Testing” and browsing through the available workflows, or by searching for a keyword, such as “incident response”.
  • Click on the marketplace item that interests you to review the overview of the workflow, workflow usage and any pricing information.
  • Click the Import button and step through the import steps.
  • You will then be redirected to the Imports page.
  • You may need to use the Reload button to see your newly imported workflow.

Once the import status changes from “Pending” to “Available” you have successfully imported this security automation workflow and added this specialist security capability to your business.

You should now visit the corresponding Evolve Solutions page on the Evolve Website to understand the workflow capabilities and “Getting Started” guide.


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