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The challenge

The Threat Intelligence Evolve Security Automation Platform delivers cost-effective security capability enhancement through Security Automation and Orchestration by streamlining your security operations to increase productivity and modernize your security services to continually reduce your risk exposure.

Threat Landscape

The threat landscape is complex, sophisticated and constantly adapting:

Technology Complexity
The technology that underpins a modern organization is advanced and complex. Poor or mis-configuration combines with platform vulnerability to create vast surfaces that require active defense.

Attackers are Advantaged
Attackers are further advantaged through open technologies that enhance attack sophistication. The same scalable architectures, tools and techniques that support Enterprise organizations are being leveraged by attackers to increase their success, reach and persistence.

The Goal-Posts are Moving
The next phase of attack sophistication is context-aware intelligent malware and intelligent command and control (C2) systems.

As threats continue to evolve, the only way that security teams can stay ahead is to make the most of their security budgets and enhance their capabilities.

Ty Miller
Ty Miller Managing Director

Meeting the Challenge

Organizations of all sizes are struggling to meet the cyber security challenge:

Limited Security Budgets
Security is an expense meaning that security budgets will always be constrained.

Limited Security Skills
There is a serious shortage of cyber security skills, globally CSO. Security personnel, across the Risk and Security domain, require a wide range of security skills. Often gaps in deep technical expertise, such as in-depth incident analysis and bypass techniques can be impractical to fill.

Limited Security Resources
Limited security budgets result in under-resourced security teams. This means security teams focus on BAU activities or fight fires, leaving no time to implement strategic security, fix security flaws, threat hunt, or perform breach response.


How are you meeting the challenge?

Accounts breached (past 6 months) LO
Accounts breached (Yahoo) CNN
Four years of hacked accounts (without Yahoo) HIBP

Evolve for convenience

The Threat Intelligence Evolve Security Automation Platform is convenient. Business solutions have been packaged to combine technical feature-sets into common sense service bundles that align to your existing security services portfolio, making Evolve easy to understand and straight-forward to consume - even when blended with existing human services.

Threat Intelligence Evolve Automated Penetration Testing Brochure Cover
Automated Penetration Testing Evolve brochure, click to download PDF.
Threat Intelligence Evolve Automated Incident Response Brochure Cover
Automated Incident Response Evolve brochure, click to download PDF.
Threat Intelligence Evolve Automated Security Infrastructure Orchestration Brochure Cover
Automated Sec Infra Orchestration Evolve brochure, click to download PDF.
Are you still performing your External Infrastructure Penetration Testing annually? Imagine if you could spend less than your current annual pen-testing budget and have regularly scheduled, or even change-triggered, penetration tests performed against your applications and infrastructure. Automated Penetration Testing introduces the benefit of running infrastructure penetration tests regularly, instead of just intermittently or annually, which allows for earlier detection of critical vulnerabilities and attack techniques that are present within their external and internal networks.

Why we are passionate about automation: Once security controls have been implemented to mitigate the corresponding critical vulnerabilities and attack techniques, rather than waiting for the next annual penetration test, the automated infrastructure penetration test can be re-run immediately to confirm that the security controls were effective. This change in security controls within the environment can cause the attacks to resort to identify alternate avenues to achieve similar privilege escalation attacks, which may then be remediated to further improve the organisation's security posture to minimise the risk of a security breach.

We really do mean penetration testing: The value of automated penetration testing extends far beyond that of traditional vulnerability scanning. This is due to the Evolve Automated Penetration Tests including a full five stage penetration testing methodology and a wide range of attack techniques that aren't performed by vulnerability scanners. Does your vulnerability scanner perform Internet reconnaissance, man-in-the-middle attacks, exploitation, host-based privilege escalation, lateral privilege escalation, post-exploitation attacks, and sensitive data collection?

External and Internal Automated Pentration Testing: Evolve enables your organization to orchestrate and automate external and internal infrastructure penetration tests that can be deployed from the Evolve Cloud platform or from any system running an Evolve Agent, even inside your protected networks (Administrative or Vendor LANs, HR or IT VLANs, etc). This provides an insight into what an attacker could achieve if different parts of the organization were breached.

How long does your organization take to go from detection of an incident to analysis of the incident and then remediation of the origin vulnerability? Automated Incident Response transforms the traditional approach to cyber incident response.

As threats continue to grow and evolve, and incident counts rise, the only way that your Security Incident Response team can stay ahead is to make the most of their security budget and enhance their capabilities.

Mundane tasks such as the collection of evidence from a cyber security incident, should be automated to let skilled resources use their expertise where it will provide the business the business with the most value. Further, by automatically collecting evidence from a cyber security incident, and systematically anylsing that evidence for Indicators Of Compromise, an organization may find it has actionable intelligence long before an over-worked IR team is able to respond.

For smaller organizations, the cost of employing a specialist Security Incident Response team can be prohibitive. The Evolve platform provides turn-key security capability, and enables system integration to remove time-consuming manual processes from obvious security tasks.

Automation is the key: Once you have IOCs (such as the URL of a command and control server or the IP addresses and domain names for a phishing attack, for example), then your organization can respond to an active threat. Evolve's Automated Security Infrastructure Orchestration supports your organization's security operations - deploying, scaling and adjusting security infrastructure services as required. In this case, these IOCs could be automatically deployed to a DNS Sinkhole to prevent new users from succumbing to the phishing attack, or perhaps to an ACL in the corporate Proxy servers to interrupt the Command and Control channel.

The Evolve Security Automation and Orchestration Platform is both flexible and scalable enough to respond to your organization's needs; delivering cost-effective security capability enhancement through Security Automation and Orchestration by streamlining your security operations to increase productivity and modernise your security services to continually reduce your risk exposure.

Now is the time to leverage security automation and orchestration, not only to respond to, but to manage the cyber security challenge in your organization.

Evolve for just what you need

The Threat Intelligence Evolve Security Automation Platform is modular. Don't buy features you don't need and don't constrain your security architecture with limited tools.

Ease of Use

Work within the one platform to automate and orchestrate multiple security services, all from a simple web interface.


Spin up security services as needed. Allow your security to adapt to the changes in your circumstances, aligning spend to business need.


Provide far greater visibility and control of your organization's threats, risks and security breaches.


The platform takes care of your deployment and orchestration, so that you can focus on the valuable areas of security management.

Run Anywhere

Automate and Orchestrate both in-Cloud and on-premises security services from the one platform.


Share threat intelligence with your community simply and quickly; openly across the whole platform or privately between your peers.


Deploy intelligence feeds, security workflows and specialist modules directly from an intuitive click-to-run Marketplace.


Use off-the-shelf modules to assess and harden your environments. Add modules to support your needs.


Have your own playbooks? Extend existing Evolve capability by creating security modules and workflows for your team.



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